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Two Brand New Songs and Buying Finale

2009-06-06 12:30:39 by MusicMyOxygen

Hello everyone, or at least the few fans who may be reading this. And to all of you, thank you for listening to my music.

Just yesterday I submitted to the audio portal two songs, both of which I worked very hard on and am proud of. These two are:

Farewell and Into the Unknown.

I truly hope everyone who listens to them enjoys them. And if you have a chance, please leave a review. I really appreciate getting feedback.

Now, I have been in search of a music program, and as of right now my mind is set on Finale. Both of my recently submitted songs were made on Finale, and i have become familiar with the program through a Music Tech./Theory class I am in. Sadly, that class is ending as school will soon be over, and when it does I will not have acess to the music lab there. So, as soon as I aquire enough money i will be buying Finale. If you have any other suggestions on a different music program I should purchase, please tell me before I go spending my money.

Also, an offer I made in my previous news post to create anyone who like me to a song for their movie or game is still good, so go to my previous news post for details if you are interested. Which is here.

I Will Make YOU A Song For Your Flash Or Game

2009-04-06 21:15:08 by MusicMyOxygen

(6/1/09) EDIT:// This offer is still good if anyones interested.

Do you need a song for one of your flashes or games? Tell me!

After taking a brief musical break, and since I'm going to have time during the week, I figure the best way to burst back into the audio portal is to look for inspiration among all you flash artists. I will likely only be making 2 or 3 songs.

So, tell me what you're game or flash will be about, what scene and/or level you need a song for, genre, and how long you would like it to be (and if it needs to be a loop). As well as anything interesting about it you think I should know. I will be deciding which to do based on whichever seems interesting and brings about inspiration. This is completely free. All I ask is that if I make you a song I am included as one of the musicians or mentioned in the credits, that way people will be able to hear my music and request a song if they'd like.

If I make one for you I promise I will give it my all. I am not a newb when it comes to music, I am in several music classes and have composed pieces before. Many of which I have not put up here, so do not judge me entirely on what I have currently submited to the portal.


2009-03-16 21:30:20 by MusicMyOxygen

Still hanging around guys. Quite often, actually. Just trying to figure out where to go from here. I have music, I'm just trying to decide how to go about getting it on here. Should I record it with a crappy mic, or save up for some music software and put them on there?
In short, still making music, you'll just have to wait to hear it.

Still Here

2009-02-14 21:19:49 by MusicMyOxygen

Yes, I am still here. Sadly I haven't been able to get any music up in a while. Sorry to any of the few who may have listened to my work. Hopefully I'll start getting more music on NG soon.

In the mean time, I made Sorrow Knows Many Names a bit louder through use of a free recording thing I found online, so now maybe you'll actually be able to hear it.

Yes, you've heard correctly. I haven't died. I'm still around, listening to songs and watching flashes on occassion. Still, my audio contributions to Newgrounds have stumbled to a halt. I have been busy and just haven't felt inspired to write any classical stuff lately. But I am hoping to reverse that, and I have a piano bit I may turn into a full-fledged song. So hopefully you haven't heard the last of me.

Oh and by the way, thanks to everyone who has listened to my music and reviewed it. Knowing other people enjoy my music makes writing and playing it really rewarding. Please keep listening and telling me what you think, I really appreciate it.

Let me leave you with a quote:
"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."- Victor Hugo

Composing Status

2008-08-29 17:51:49 by MusicMyOxygen

For the time being I will be working on writing a song for the band I am in, any possible classical endeavors untill then will be postponed. How long will this last? Who knows, maybe it will end the second after I create a new song for us, maybe I will even end up giving up on it and become inspired classically. Only time will tell.

My Latest Submission

2008-08-24 21:09:00 by MusicMyOxygen

With a new submission out I feel I should make a news post, rather than leave the news as an edit on a previous post. So you probably know I had, a few days ago, submitted Sorrow Knows Many Names ( n/167201). It is a solo piano piece and is the first piano piece I have ever composed, as well as the first full piano piece I have ever played. (I was learning piano as I composed it.) I was pretty satisfied with how it turned out, and watched as for a while it was on the top 5! Of course, this feeling of joy did not last long, as slowly but surely it sunk in the classical charts, and as I speak it is off the front page of clasical entirely. I realize that this is Newgrounds, and that this was bound to happen as other decent submissions had been struck down in the same way as mine, some worse off than my own. However, I just wish I could have held onto that joy, that happiness, a little bit longer, cherishing a moment that quickly and inevitably faded in the sands of time. It is only fitting that the song that i submitted is one of sorrows, a theme song to it's own falling. I know I probably shouldn't expect that it, especially with it being my first piano piece, would stay high in the charts. But if your an artist, here on newgrounds especially, I'm sure you know what I'm feeling right now. And if you are one of those with songs on the top, congragulations and I am happy for you, hold onto it as long as you can for it is a great feeling to have it up there.
Moral: Fame is often fleeting, the music you made however will stay with you forever.
But who knows, maybe it'll make a comeback.

Hello Again

2008-08-15 13:41:27 by MusicMyOxygen

If you are reading this it is likely you have listened to Simple Serenade (currently my only submission) and I cannot thank you enough for doing so. Especially all of those kind enough to leave reviews. I am currently working on a piano piece I hope to finish soon. Now keep in mind I am not an expert in piano and I still am stuck recording the way I did in my previous submission, however it is my hope that when it is completed you will enjoy it.
I still would like to hear any advice about recording you may give, as I know little if any about the subject. So how do you record? What do you use to record? I'd appreciate any help.

8/21/08 (EDIT): This piano piece is taking much longer than I had hoped. I have composed various parts for it, but am having some difficulty melding them together so they flow. About the new MAC8 contest: I had been working on something within FL 8 (demo because I am cheap) but am somewhat dissatisfied with what I have produced. The live sound of electric guitars sounds so much better and I hate having to put out a fake sound of one. Also I am worried it strays too far from the current theme (it includes distorted elctric guitar, bass, violins, and brass). I may put what I have completed out there none the less as I do not think I will be able to find the time to record myself playing. Anyway, thats it for now.

8/23/08 (EDIT): Piano piece completed! I finished and submitted it yesterday and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. Especially since I am a beginner when it comes to playing piano, in fact I dont even know if you could say I technically play piano as I have just started. Ah well, I hope to get better with time and hopefully you'll hear more piano pieces coming from me. I still am unsure whether or not I shall be submitting to the current MAC8.


2008-07-13 22:03:39 by MusicMyOxygen

Well first off, congratulations on finding this page. You are one of the few. I doubt any of my audio submissions (that is, if I submit any) will reach any level of popularity on here. None the less, I have decided to make this account should I decide to put any solo works I create out here.
You may have noticed I go by "MusicMyOxygen" on newgrounds and wonder why. While I may be exaggerating its importance in my life it is still very important to me and will be for as long as I live. I do not know if I will go far as a musician or if it will be a dream I shall never fully realize. Still though, I will play and listen to it as often as I can. And that is why I chose that name.