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You did an excellent job on this flash.

It really depicts excellently "loss". It shows how things come, and things go, and yet the world moves on in spite of it. It has a nice, relaxing feel to it, and truly flows. The only thing you may want to do next time is move away from the stick figures. I see this brilliant piece of art unfolding, and then I see that the people are sticks and it kind of distracts me from fully enjoying the piece.

I'm at a loss for words, thats as much as I can piece together. I commend you on a job well done.


I did not enjoy the Square 'n' Triangle (etc.) fla shes, and I do not enjoy this. It requires little to no talent and bad voice acting. And I swear, this and other bad fla shes currently on the front page are making me dislike china as a result. Not to mention, everytime you say the word "flas.h" today it is cesored to bicycle, which is a pain and not at all funny.
I do not see how this deserves to be on the front page, and it is an insult to talkented artists who put in much more effort just to get there. Overall this is only there due to the abuse of power by NG staff. Right now I'm just hoping all of this is just a cruel april fools joke.


Come on. You put this on the front page?!
Hundreds of artists work hard, fighting to get onto the front page. And what kinda slap in the face is that when what you put on it isnt even flash?!?! Seriously? Come on, NG staff, I'm dissapointed in you. I know China is finally here, and thats great, but you're not really commemorating it by putting up something that is not even flash. Just a flag with background music. That'd be like putting up one of these with an american flag on it on the 4th of July. And how well would that go over? This is a total abuse of power by Newgrounds management. Which is ironic considering you chose to do that when China joins us.
Extremely dissapointed.

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Fun game.

Use the password "exodus" it'll get u pretty far.

Good Game

This is a great game, simple yet challenging, and I congragulate you for a job well done.
I think I may have found a strategy that helps a bit, I know it helped me. Use up your first couple turns filling every peg with the same color. This may sound like a waste of time, but it is not. It allows you to determine which colors he is using in the game because of the clues he gives, therefore making it easier to discover the pattern later on. Once you discover the colors he is using for me it is simply a matter of guessing using the clues he gives to help you. Now remember, sometimes it is easier than others. Once I was able to win in about three turns because he used the same color to fill three of the pegs. Both the colors he used I filled the pegs in my first two turns, and once I knew which colors to use I got lucky with my first guess afterwards. Luck is a big part of it too. I hope this strategy helps you.

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Pretty Good

Pretty good metal track, I enjoyed listening to it. However, there are a few things that could be done to improve it:
- Work on your build-ups, typically between verses and choruses. Good metal songs have some sort of lead-up into chorus, at least every once and a while within a song, which encourages a listener to keep listening. Right now its more alternating between verse and chorus, which have similiar sound, and to dramaticise the change I think some sort of transition or build-up between sections would be very beneficial.
- Somewhat along those lines, try experimenting with dynamics. The dynamics of this song are the same, and far as the instrumental aspect is concerned, the entire time. Occassionally the vocals change ever so slightly between verse and chorus, but that is one of the few exceptions. Try variations in dynamics or gradually getting louder or softer between changing dynamics.
- The vocals. Pretty good, but they are only average right now. I'm not sure whether or not the vocalist has a vocal background or he is new to singing, and although I mean no offence in what I say, I think that more practice could be done to improve the vocals even though you are singing in the metal genre. Right now it just sounds like someone doing vocals not a vocalist, and there is an important difference between the two. The vocals also sound very seperate from the instrumental tracks for some reason to me, I'm not sure how this could be fixed but I'm sure through experimentation a solution could be found.

However, overall a very good song. I wish you the best.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks for the tips. I'm aware of how to build transitions to chorus etc. This song just has a mellower transition. Mainly on purpose.

On the vocals, I am a vocalist per se. This whole album for the most part is an experiment in mixing styles of music and vocals. This particular song has the feel I wanted, and since I am the musician and vocalist... I'm happy with it. Browse around my other album and non album songs submitted this year. I'd love your input.

As it goes, I'm not charging anything for an "album". The release is free...and it is what it is. If people don't like it, I don't really care about their reasons. Someone else said they wouldn't pay for it. Cool, they don't have to. I'm pretty awesome that way.

Thanks again for the review.

Pretty Good

A setback was obviously the sound quality. Perhaps in relation to that or because of poor enunciation on the vocalist's part I could not understand a single word he was saying. I'd work on that.

This song has a nice classic rock feel, as it appears pretty much all of your songs do, and as such I suggest you put them into the classic rock section. It just makes sense.

Overall, pretty good.


A fantastic piece, but I'm sure you already know that.
It is very soothing a calm, yet at the same time emotional, and maybe a tad melancholy. I cant quite put it to words. Music does express the unexpressable they say.
Anyway, as a I have said I enjoyed it and can't wait to hear more.
I thought this sounded live as well. Mind telling me what you used to compose this? Thanks.

Winterwind-NS responds:

mix of Edirol Orchestral and Garritan's Personal Orchestra
I don't have the "good" stuff, but I make do with what I have

thanks for the kind words

"Music is not notes on a page. It is something that allows you to express yourself in a way nothing else can."

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